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24 November 2022

Design & Build – Two Timber Framed Extensions

Bespoke timber framed extensions designed by an architect

We worked from architects drawings on the project to construct these twin timer framed extensions. The clients were clear in their desire to extend a 200m2 farmhouse property giving them more kitchen and bedroom space and also making the most of the garden to the back of the property. This was primarily achieved by adding large glass sliding doors to the ground floor and two large balcony areas from the first floor bedrooms.

Architectural render of proposed building after works.

Architectural render of proposed building after works

Property before building works

Property before building works

The works included digging out the foundations, drainage, cutting the timber frame sections according to the architects drawings, installing the timber frames and connecting the new extensions to the rest of the existing property. We also carried out internal works in the property such as insulation and plaster boarding, reconstruction of floor levels, staircase installation and oversaw the design and installation of all windows and doors.

Frame work for right side wooden extention.
Front view of right side wooden extention
Side view of right side wooden extention
Left side wooden extention
Complete view of the wooden extention

Maison Bretagne worked alongside other sub-contractors on this project such as Harrison Electricité who undertook all plumbing and electrical installations including the fitting of a brand new heating system and full rewire, and Doré Habitat who supplied and installed the aluminium double glazed sliding door units.

Wooden door going from the front garden to the kitchen.
Timber frame
Kitchen looking onto the back garden.
kitchen sink looking onto the back garden.
Kitchen sink unite.
New staircase installed in the front room.
Inside table with the view of the back garden.

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