renovation of masonry and repointing work
renovation of masonry and repointing work
renovation of masonry and repointing work


masonry renovation work

Maison Bretagne has become specialised in the renovation of masonry and repointing work, particularly in the north of Brittany next to the coast. In this particular area the stipulations regarding the correct mix of sand and chaux are somewhat prohibitive.

These photos show the stages of work in repointing a traditional stone building, beginning with cleaning the stonework, filling in spaces with new stones and then carefully pointing around each individual stone with sand and chaux. the process can be painstaking and requires patience and stamina as well as skill but the results can be stunning as you can see from the photos.

This project in particular involved initially liaising with the local Mairie, then the Batiments de France, in order to adhere to the regulations which stipulate the exact colour and mixture of the enduit used to repoint the property shown. This normally needs to be formalised by submitting documentation in the form of a déclaration preamble (in this case) which would be transfered by your mayors admin department to the relevant anabf in your region.

The project was carried out in one of the villages in Brittany which has the accolade of being one of the most beautiful in France. To make matters slightly more complicated the house was next to an historical monument (a medieval church) which meant that the regulations were stricter than usual. A light smattering of sea shells was required in the mix, which may seem somewhat over the top, however, the colour and reflection of light they manage to capture really compliments the stonework of the region. We have since carried out numerous other similar masonry renovation and repointing works  in the same village which have resulted from this project.

If you have similar work you would like to be undertaken or want to find out more about our services, including masonry renovation and repointing work, follow this link here

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