interior design in French stone cottage
interior design in French stone cottage


Interior Design

This interior design project took us to a small fishing village on the Malouien coast in northern Brittany. The clients requested that the ground floor  kitchen / living / dining space be defined as their own spaces even though the whole of the floor space remained open plan. The only stipulation of the brief was that the clients monographic print of Jimmy Hendrix was incorporated into the space somewhere.

We decided to give the living area a distinctly light and airy feel to it and used off whites and very light greys in this area on the walls. In contrast the kitchen area was painted a very dark grey to create a dramatic backdrop to hang the artwork against. stone granite worktops were added to the central kitchen island with grey marbled flecks to pick up the dark grey on the walls:

Colours are chosen from the most recent colour ranges of Little Greene Paint Company and the wooden parquet flooring was sourced from one of our trusted specialist wooden flooring suppliers in the region.

We undertake all interior decoration and design work and have built strong contacts with many paint and interior stores, brocantes and salvage and reclamation yards we have found dotted all over Brittany and Normandy, as well as stone flooring and tile merchants, bathroom and kitchen suppliers in the region to be able to cater to our clients requirements.

If you would like to talk to us about your project or wish to engage us to source pieces for your interior design project then contact us here


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