Project Management Building Services in Brittany

When you are unable to be on site regularly to supervise, and organise your renovation, the services of an experienced project manager are indispensable. Clever project management is about working out how best to tackle a renovation and the building process so that it runs as smoothly as possible.Project Management Building Services in Brittany

Project Management Services Providing our clients the very best Project Management Building Services in Brittany. We don’t just believe in delivering the highest standards, we believe in delivering these standards in the most cost-effective manner possible. An active interface and clear communication with our clients is key, we provide detailed updates at every stage of the project with photographs to illustrate the works-in-progress. Using the software application Archireport  we can document each visit made onsite, create planning schedules and share updates and documents with clients and sub-contractors alike. Check out the Archireport website here for more insight into how we work: Archireport Expertise and Know-how Combined Jon has years of experience planning and managing projects both in the U.K. and France. Rosie is currently completing a diploma in Maitre d'Oeuvre or Master of Works with a BAC+3 French accreditation. This means that we bring together time served experience and know-how with the most up-to-date techniques, costings, sustainability knowledge, planning and organisational skills required to be a Project Manager in France. Decennial Coverage on all Project Management Services Importantly we are fully insured under our company decennial or ten year insurance to provide Project Management services to our clients - A legal requirement in France. See here for info:10 year Insurance for Project Managers? Sit back and Watch your House become a Home We believe that it is important to relieve the client from the day-to-day project workload so that they can take a step back and give valuable input on the aesthetic development of the renovation. Planning is key. Before we begin a project, we draw up a full schedule of works. It’s a meticulous process, but we’ve been working on renovations for a lot of years and have learnt that a little time spent in the beginning is better than a lot of time wasted later. If you want to involve us in your project, it is preferable to contact us as early as possible in the development stages so we can discuss your specific needs and develop a sound relationship where we can fully understand your vision and help you effectively plan. See some of the pervious projects we've managed here:-