Renovation and Restorations in Brittany France

Maison Bretagne are renovation specialists particularly in the domains of stonemasonry, joinery and carpentry. Completing renovation and restorations in Brittany France,  we accompany you to see projects through from start to finish, beginning with planning applications to meetings and correspondence with the Architect de France if necessary.

Experts in our Field Specialising in renovation and restorations in Brittany France, we provide expert service to our clients regarding all aspects of improvements to their French homes. Understanding and adhering to the requirements stipulated by the Bâtiment de France or planing department. We ensure that all restoration projects are carried out sympathetically and to French regulation DTU standards. Our expertise comes from having renovated French properties for over 13 years in France. Before that Jon owned and managed a building and constructions company in South Manchester for 12 years. Any specialist restoration work which cannot be undertaken by our in-house team is contracted out to one of our reliable local craftsmen. In doing so we guarantee the quality and professionalism of all works carried out. Examples of work that we sub-contract are electrical works, plumbing, window fitting and large roofing works. Members of Qualibat Proud to be a member of Qualibat, we carry their certification in the domain of insulation, RGE Eco Artisan. This enables us to advise you on the best insulation options for your home. We can also offer you 'credit impot' or tax breaks on this part of your renovation works. The RGE certificate means that the client can claim back a percentage of the cost of the total works on their tax return each year. Follow this link to find out more about how / if you can benefit and which works are included: RGE In addition we are certified by Qualibat in the domains of masonry and beton armé or masonry and foundation works. Our work has been audited by Qualibat to make sure it achieves French standards. See our Qualibat qualifications here: Qualibat Collaboration with other trades is our speciality. At Maison Bretagne Renovations we pride ourselves on the connections we have made over the years with other time served artisans, French, British and other nationalities alike. Working hard to coordinate and bring together all this expertise into our company at Maison Bretagne Renovations enables us to give our clients the best results possible when renovating or restoring their Brittany property. Contact us today for a complete and global service of all aspects of renovation and restoration works on your French property in Brittany. Check out some of our previous renovation and restorations in Brittany France here: Previous Renovations project management and renovations team  kitchen renovation in Burgundian manor  interior renovation of three storey property