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Making your dream house a reality

Once you have a good idea of the home you want to create, our renovations team can take your ideas and turn them into a reality. We work hard together with our sourcing team, suppliers and planning department to work through your requirements and create a devis according to your specifications and budget.

No stone is left unturned in the beginning stages to ensure a smooth and stress free process from A-Z.




The first steps

Our qualified builder will meet you onsite for the first meeting to evaluate your property and discuss the works you would like to carry out. Depending on the scale of your project a member of our design team may also be present.


Your budget

Once your project has been fully discussed and, if applicable, plans and 3D renders have been provided by our design team, our renovations department will work with the builder to produce a full devis of works. This devis is free and without obligation.


Project planning

Once you have approved the devis of work our renovations team will begin to formulate a schedule of works according to your projects specifications. You will be given a copy of this reference.


Complementary services

Maison Bretagne has a database of artisans to complement our wide range of services, this enables us to offer our clients a global perpective of their project in terms of costing and scheduling as well as being able to cary out all works.


Keeping you up to date

Our team provides regular updates throughout the duration of a clients project which is programmed into the scheduling provided, corresponding with regular milestones.


Last but not least

Your project is not complete until the very last detail has been finished to the highest standard and you are happy with the results. We take the time to make a full onsite visit with you to ensure this final phase is achieved.

We’re Maison Bretagne Renovations

With a 15 year history in France of renovating property and many amazing projects under our belts, our mission is to curate beautiful homes for our clients. Using the combined knowledge and experience of our five strong team and following the industry regulations and quality standards expected, we believe that every client can feel in good hands as we help them to see their project to fruition.

We have many combined strengths within the company from project planning, onsite management, strong supplier relations and true artisan craftsmanship. Our experience in construction, renovations and design means that we are adept to problem solving so that even the most complex of projects can be handled in a calm and timely manner.

All we expect of our clients is to share their ideas and aspirations with us and we can do the rest. 

Seeing is believing, visit our Projects page to see the many amazing projects we have been lucky enough to carry out for our clients.


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