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4 October 2023

The Construction of a Pool House in Normandy.

Newly built pool house, rendered walls with a double door and windows on each side. 3 small windows on each side of the door.

The Pool House Brief

We were engaged by the client for this project after a recommendation from the architectural firm who had taken them through the planning stage. The initial brief was very straightforward, to create a building to house a large salt water swimming pool. However, as with many projects, the list of additional works increased to incorporate a shower and kitchenette area and the interior renovation of the adjacent gite. The Maison Bretagne team were delighted to undertake all these works.

The Construction of the Pool House

The construction took a total of 24 months from start to finish, including the additional works requested such as the renovation of the existing adjacent colombage gite. There were also additional, unforeseen groundworks, due to the discovery of an underground water source which meant that a more sophisticated drainage system was put in place involving a sump pump under the pool floor itself. The plans originally produced by the architect evolved slightly over time regarding the interior layout but this fortunately did not effect the planning that was already in place.


As well as carrying out most major construction works and interior finishings Maison Bretagne also project managed other sub-contractors to achieve the desired results in a reasonable timeframe. For the roof Covering and carpentry we engaged Charpente LORET. Other partnerships are shown in the information section to the left hand side of this page.

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3D black line view of the pool house

Architects conceptual drawing

Architectural plan of the pool house.

Architects initial internal layout

Photos of Completed Pool House

Outside view of the property
The pool inside the pool house. With the cover on.
Inside view of the smaller rectangular windows.
View of the property looking out towards the front gates.
View of the terrace in front of the pool house looking out at the lake.
Side door to the pool house.
Close view of the front of the property. Showing the wooden features around the doors and windows.
Side view of the property and the drive leading up to it.

Photos Showing Pool House Works

Initial works of the project. Ground has been dug out for the pool and the frame work is going up.

Initial construction works

Frame work has been installed and the windows and doors are now up.

Pool house construction works

Plasterboard walls and the electrical works have started.

Insulation and plaster boarding

Pool house internal works

Electrical and finishing works

Electrical and finishing works

Carpentry and joinery details

Carpentry and joinery details

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