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Unlock the secrets to finding a good artisan in France.

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In any part of the world, it is crucial to have trustworthy professionals to ensure the success of your renovation project. Every country has its own rules and regulations that artisans should follow. Therefore it’s important to find someone who understands your vision and has the necessary qualifications to complete the work. As an expat in France, this can be a daunting task. Many people tend to rely on the Word of Mouth method, which is not always reliable. You may end up being deceived if the artisan recommended to you turns out to be unregistered or uninsured. Hence, it’s always advisable to be cautious and choose a qualified professional for your renovation project.

As expats residing in France, it’s imperative to minimise the risks involved in hiring artisans for property renovations. Follow our tips below to help you take adequate precautions and make informed decisions during your search.

“Unveiling the Secrets: How Checking Artisan/Company’s Information Can Save You from Crafty Scams”

To ensure that you find the right tradesperson for your project, it is crucial to verify their registration with Chambre de Métiers or CMA. You can do this easily by searching their name or company on the INFOGREFFE website. This will provide you with essential information such as their business address, siret number, and their registered principal activity. If you require more in-depth information, you can download the KBIS of the company for a small fee of 4.86 euros. Additionally, if the tradesperson is a sole trader under the regime ‘Micro Entreprise’, you can obtain a copy of their INSEE document from CMA, which confirms their registration as a tradesperson in France.

RGE green logo

If you’re planning to carry out energy-efficient renovations, it is recommended to hire a professional with an RGE certification. This certification makes you eligible for financial assistance or a reduced TVA rate of 5.5% for such works. The RGE label was established in 2011 to ensure that professionals in the energy renovation sector have the necessary qualifications. This enables them to guarantee high-quality services. The certification is valid for four years and they agree to undergo an annual inspection requirement. This audit verifies that the professional keeps up with new technical and regulatory standards. Hiring an RGE-certified professional guarantees that the work will be done according to industry standards.

👉 A prerequisite for your financial aid

If you wish to benefit from financial aid linked to energy renovation work such as the Effy Prime, MaPrimeRénov’ or even the zero-interest eco-loan, you must obligatorily contact RGE certified professionals.


RGE label

Apart from the RGE label, there exist several other labels that are more specific to different domains. These certifications vary according to the nature of the work and include the following main certifications:

2nd option: Other certifications to look out for

It is recommended to inquire about the qualifications of your artisan and ask for their certification as proof, if necessary. It should be noted that not holding an RGE certificate does not necessarily mean that the artisan is incapable of working on your home. While larger companies typically hold this certification, smaller businesses or sole traders may choose not to pursue it due to the significant annual fee and audits required by official bodies like Qualibat. Additionally, an Expat artisan may have qualifications obtained in the UK, such as a City and Guilds in carpentry, which can indicate their level of skill.

Get the Upper Hand by Checking Past Works and Requesting Previous Customer Feedback

We recommend the Artisan Central website to find artisans in France: Artisan Central

To gain insight into the capabilities of your selected artisan, it’s advisable to review their social media business accounts like Facebook and Instagram. These platforms typically display before and after pictures of their past projects. However, it’s important to exercise caution when reading client reviews on these sites since they may not be validated by a third party and could have been authored by a family member. A professional website can also serve as an excellent indicator of an artisan’s dedication to providing quality work and showcasing their trade’s style or caliber. This can be especially useful when searching for a general contractor for a significant renovation project as it often highlights their significant works, provides a comprehensive business history, and allows you to gauge their expertise and execution through the various projects they’ve managed.

Aritsan central logo - "artisans you can trust".

“Insure Your Peace of Mind: Tip #4 for Choosing a Trustworthy Artisan”

Verifying that your professional’s insurance policy is current is a crucial step in the process. Apart from ensuring professionalism and reliability, these policies offer coverage to you in the event of any damage on your premises. There are two mandatory policies that should be in place: 1. Professional liability insurance: This plan covers physical, material, or intangible loss caused by the work. 2. Ten-year guarantee: This policy covers specific jobs for ten years following the completion of the project. It’s essential to obtain a complete copy of the artisan’s “assurance decennale” to ensure that they are entirely covered for all aspects of the work being undertaken on your project. The complete document should contain a detailed list of every type of work they are insured to perform. If it’s not listed, they should not be doing it.

architectural plan with a 10 year decennial insurance stamp on it.

When hiring an artisan, it is important to ask for their insurance certificates and not allow them to proceed with the job before you have seen and obtained copies of them for your own records. Don’t accept any excuses or attempts to avoid providing this information.

Tip #5 How to ensure the quality of the quotes your give

It is crucial to give careful consideration to the quality of the estimate provided. A detailed, precise, and comprehensive estimate is vital to secure financial aid for renovations and avoid any unforeseen surprises. The estimate should include certain information about the company such as their name, social capital, Siret number, VAT identification number (if applicable), address, telephone number, and professional insurance policy number. According to the law, the devis must be in French and a reliable artisan will often provide a version with English annotations to ensure clarity about the proposed works. It is important to understand that a signed devis becomes a contractual document, so it is essential to review it thoroughly and ensure that nothing has been added or left off before signing.

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